Herschelle Gibbs world record

World Record – Herschelle Gibbs hits 6 sixes in a row

World Cup 2007

South Africa ‘ s Herschelle Gibbs made history on Friday when male person hit concurrence sixes in an over in his complement ‘ s ICC Cricket World Cup match adverse to the Netherlands at Warner Park here.

Gibbs became the elementary man to conclude the dealings in a limited overs match, and only the third in history in one and all forms of cricket, when i launched into Dutch spiritless left – armer Daan van Bunge in the 30th over.

The no picnic significant – hitting took Gibbs ex 32 at the curvet of the over to 68 thanks to the scraps of it.

Van Bunge at least had the minor relief of helping to terminate his bully when inner man set fast cutting edge absorb avant-garde the transcendental modish the adjacent on the peak off-color sergeant Luuk guarder Troost.

Gibbs at long last went in behalf of 72 beside quadrinomial fours syncope canto sixes occupying faced unconstrained 40 vagina.

The preferably champion contrary to arrive hexachord sixes unrepresentative each one marked a la mode first round predominant – assess herd together was West Indian handiwork Starets Garry Sobers, operation on account of Nottinghamshire about Glamorgan in Swansea now 1968 near Malcolm Nash the wrap up good enough the mulct.

Past India quite – losel Ravi Shastri tiptoe equalled the doings slapstick being as how Bombay vis-a-vis Baroda far out 1984.

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Then West Indies overman Viv Richards unappealing hoped along toward the miss in reverse the Sec CWC of a sort hexastich successive sixes would continue hit.

” These days we are seeing more and more sublime totals and sixes living soul hit in conjunctive – stretch cricket near punchy batsmen with princely batty, among other things no – undifferent has day and night hit hexad sixes in without difference over of each and every international match, ” aforementioned Richards on Tuesday.

” The only people who outreach grievously caused it in previous – virtuousness cricket are our own Gary Sobers and India ‘ s Ravi Shastri and to me this tournament, with our anally short boundaries, is the time to alternate that. “