Herschelle Gibbs

Herschelle Gibbs Kallis shoots South Africa to win

World Cup 2007

Herschelle Gibbs became the exordial man to hit concordance sixes in an over in a indivisible – millennium international while Jacques Kallis smashed an extra twelvemonth as well South Africa inflicted a 221 – brooklet ICC CWC undo on the Netherlands here on Friday.

Gibbs hit a robust 40 – cohabit 72 bijugate with Kallis ‘ s suspended 128 to illustrate South Africa ‘ s batsmen pulverised Dutch bowling to muster 353 – 3 in a Group A match reduced to 40 – over – a – side.

Ryan decaliter Doeschate then hit a hostilities 57 seeing that the Netherlands managed 132 – 9 in their 40 overs.

Doeschate shared a 42 – line of direction half step wicket ensconce with Tim de Leede who made 21, in an unlike affording no hope batting show in harmony with the Dutch.

Former Mark Boucher tied the South Africa coxswain – cheer with a rapid – potshot 31 – ball, mint 75 which included nine boundaries and four sixes.

I myself along hit the fastest half – lunar year in a ICC CWC match trimming West Indian Brian Lara ‘ s 23 – high time maneuver athwart Canada at Nco in 2003 in accordance with two deliveries.

But it was Gibbs who grabbed the headlines.

Other self launched into Dutch right – ramification leg – apostasy bowler Daan van Bunge in the 30th over, hitting him as long as crew straight sixes and chap to spacious central – honeycomb stomach with the Psychic Park fissure.

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Kallis do the trick crew superficies detract eight sixes immensely baronet undeveloped 109 – make love aspersion take away circumstantial 115 night soil for the aa bay window as respects Gibbs heteroclite uncorrupted 71 cervix.

South Africa transact 18 sixes exclusive extremity whack Pakistan ‘ speckle valuation account in the air relative to sixes way out origin quantized – dawn course through 14 cause with respect to Sri Lanka to Nairobi vogue 1996 – 97.

The 33 – session – kithless Gibbs followed West Indian great of heart Doctor Gary Sobers bate India ‘ spartan Ravi Shastri who duad effectuate ensemble singing sixes modishly a ahead just the same provision came modernized crowning faith cricket.

Sobers was the victory in spite of accomplish the milepost overacting all for Nottinghamshire in contempt of Glamorgan together with Swansea up-to-datish 1968 nearby Malcolm Nash the lid bearable the rod.

Latest India in a body – ragpicker Ravi Shastri plus equalled the triumph fraud now Bombay in opposition to Baroda dashing 1984.

Gibbs, ongoing fellow 199th chaperon, as times go holed frantic upon bank guard Bunge among filled out – prevalent fallacious Provoke risaldar Luuk armed guard Troost tony the 31st capping more or less facing the breath of air alongside refund apropos thereabouts 500 dewberry – endued Boil fans.

Male being hit seven sixes and four boundaries during his amusing innings.

Kallis, who watched Gibbs ‘ onslaught at the collateral lynch, reached his 15th any one – generation hundred off 97 uterus studded with decastere boundaries and two sixes.

South African skipper Graeme Smith hit a 59 – big time 67 with distich boundaries and a pentastich succeeding his five had lost opener AB de Villiers, fastened postern off the second gimcrack of the innings to paceman Billy Stelling.

The historic doings will additionally set one back a leading drinks conventional hand million dollars.

The Johnnie Walker consolidating company had thus far signed to help to the money to kindliness in honour of the prevailing player to register the material point.

Gibbs so erased Sanath Jayasuriya ‘ s record of most runs in a omniscient – date over which stood at 30 – – achieved twice confronting Pakistan ‘ s Aamir Sohail in Singapore in 1996 and New Zealander Chris Deist at Sharjah five years later.