What is IPL?

What is IPL?

IPL 2022

Considered to be the main event of Indian cricket, The Indian Premier League is a top event. A lot of people follow this championship, which has been held annually since 2008. Every spring, it gathers millions of viewers who are looking forward to the results of each of the matches and the victory of their favorite team.

Cricket IPL 2022 Teams

10 teams participated in the cricket live IPL 2022 tournament, each of which competed to reach the semifinals and finals. IPL cricket teams can consist of 16-27 players, while only 11 players can participate in the match. One interesting feature of the Indian Premier League is the possibility of the participation of foreign players, which gives more interest to each match.

The championship was won by team Gujarati Titans. Teams such as Rajasthan Royals, Lucknow Super Giants, and Royal Challengers Bangalore also participated in the final.

IPL Format

The championship is held in the Twenty20 format. This format is one of the most popular, along with the test format and the ODI format. A feature of this format is limited overs, and therefore the duration of the match depends on how many innings will be set for the game and is not a fixed value.

How does the game itself go? The match is held within one day. It consists of two rounds. First, one team makes 20 overs of 6 innings each. After that comes the next round, where the teams switch roles.

This format of the game quickly became very popular around the world, and soon after the first T20 match, this type of game began to be used for international competitions. In many ways, the not-so-rapid success of the T20 format was influenced by its relative convenience. The match itself is not too long and lacks many of the disadvantages of test games. Accordingly, this format is convenient for TV broadcasts and spectators at the stadium.

Moreover, in this format of the game, the rules for players have become easier. Players are allowed to wear uniforms of any color, not just white, as required by the rules of test matches. The ball in the T20 format is white, not red, as in the text format. All this has helped to make T20 one of the most popular formats for many championships that are held on various continents.

IPL India Cricket Schedule 2022

A match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders on 26 March started the Indian Premier League. The matches took place over two months and ended with a grand final, where the two strongest teams of this year fought: Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans. As you can see, The Gujarat Titans have become the winners.

Where To Watch Live Cricket IPL 2022?

This championship is held in the T20 format, which is convenient for online broadcasts. Many television channels broadcast Indian Premier League events. Also, this championship was the first to be broadcasted live on YouTube in 2010.

The main broadcaster of Indian Premier League matches is Star Sports. The streaming platform Disney+ Hotline also offers an IPL broadcast.

How To Bet On Cricket IPL 2022?

How To Bet On Cricket IPL 2022?

Perhaps you have always wanted to try your luck and bet on the game when you are sure of the result of the match. Then you should read this article to learn a little more about the world of betting on the Indian Premier League.

You can bet on cricket online without worrying about the law – it’s legal. Moreover, it is very interesting. Many betting companies pay great attention to this event, so they add a wide selection of bets, and nice odds and do not forget about different promotions for these bets. In a word, it’s always entertaining.

The Best Bookmakers For Betting On Cricket Live IPL 2022

To make it easier for a beginner to understand something about cricket betting, the best IPL betting companies are listed below:

All these sites are checked by experts and are legal for Indian bettors. Thus, you can use one of these companies to make your first bet.

How To Place A Bet?

You don’t need to be a professional to try to make your first bet. Moreover, sometimes betting companies offer free bets for beginners. This is a great opportunity to start because you will learn how to place bets and at the same time not lose your money.

To place a bet, you need to:

  1. Open the official website or application of the bookmaker you have chosen;
  2. Then, register;
  3. Choose a payment method from the suggested ones, if required;
  4. After that, take advantage of the welcome bonus. Some companies will offer you to enter a special promo code, some companies will credit the bonus automatically upon registration;
  5. Go to the main page of the site or application;
  6. In the sportsbook, select cricket, and the events, select the Indian Premier League;
  7. Select the desired match;
  8. Next, you will be offered several betting options. Carefully study the odds and types of bets to make the right choice;
  9. Then enter the required bid amount and confirm;
  10. Follow the event. Many companies offer live broadcasts of matches to make it easier for you to place bets and instantly track the progress of your team;
  11. Wait for the results of the match.

As you can see, the betting process itself is quite simple, however, some subtleties are important that only experienced bettors know.

IPL Cricket Betting Tips

IPL Cricket Betting Tips

Earlier it was said that the betting process has certain subtleties that are familiar to everyone who has already bet on cricket. Let’s look at some of them to help beginners.

Always watch the game

You should not bet at random, poorly versed in the sport itself, and not knowing the specifics of the teams, the type of matches, and the rules of the game. It is a good understanding of each event in the championship that helps experienced players to make successful bets.

Use bookmaker promotions

Sometimes such special offers can help you win without even spending your money on the initial bet. Moreover, there are a huge number of types of bonuses, each of which offers a different benefit. Carefully study the special offers on the bookmaker’s website.

Follow the news

It is very important to be aware of the events that occur during the tournament. Sometimes an injury to a leading player can deprive even a very successful team of victory. Moreover, you will never miss an important match or miss changes in the event schedule. You can quickly get acquainted with the most important news from the world of cricket on the official website of the championship. Some bookmakers also offer news articles on their websites.

Never place bets on too large amounts

Betting is always associated with risk, so it is better to bet a smaller amount on a more profitable bet using a bonus than to bet big money. Remember that the outcome of the match is unknown to anyone, so any accident can change the result of even the most predictable game.

Read reviews from experts

This will help you quickly understand what is happening in the tournament, as well as to assume the correct outcome of the match.

Choose a good website or betting app

Only a proven, safe and legal company that cares about its customers can get you a real thrill from betting.


This article has collected all the most important information about the last tournament that many Indians adore – the Indian Premier League. There are less than six months left until the next stage of the Indian Premier League, so during this time you can get acquainted with the game closer, if you haven’t done it before, as well as review all the most exciting moments of past matches. That’s when you will become a real professional for the start of a new cricket tournament in India.

If you decide to bet on cricket as well, then it is recommended that you carefully study this article and choose your bookmaker before making large bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the IPL popular in India?

This championship occupies a special place among all sports events in India and annually attracts millions of spectators both at stadiums and on screens. If you still don’t know anything about the Indian Premier League, then rather read this article and follow the news about the new stages of the Indian Premier League.

Is it legal to bet on the Indian Premier League in India?

It is quite logical that such a popular championship will not remain unnoticed by various bookmakers. Moreover, each of the matches has an excellent signature from many bookmakers, and special promotions for customers are also launched for betting on matches in the Indian Premier League.

If we talk about the legality of betting on the Indian Premier League, then the law does not prohibit betting on sports in India online. This way you can win money on your knowledge of the game and good luck.

The main rule for betting on cricket is to find a bookmaker that has licenses and operates following international gaming law and is not a scam. Only under this condition can you count on a successful experience of betting on the Indian Premier League.

Where can I watch the Indian Premier League?

As has been noticed earlier, various companies broadcast championship matches. Among them are TV channels, streaming services, online platforms, and YouTube. You can easily find where it is more convenient for you to watch matches because there is a way that suits everyone.